Voices: Michael Mocogni

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“I was brought up in the Catholic school system along with my brother, sister and many cousins through high school.  My wife is a graduate of Marian Central Catholic.  My 2 kids went through Montini Catholic School and also Marian Central Catholic.  Although I am not a graduate of Marian, my support of the MC community shows just how special Marian is to my family and me.

“Recently, I served on the Council of Administration as the layperson representative for St. Patrick parish in McHenry and was elected to the Executive Committee.  Everyone on the Executive Committee worked very hard over the last few years to help bring the MC community together after several changes of Superintendents by the Diocese.  Many important members of the MC community were involved in providing constructive feedback and direction on how to restore trust in the school as well as hiring the best new leader for Marian.  By June 2017 our process was successful with the hiring of Mr. Steve Baldwin, who hit the ground running showing positive results in the first 6 months of his employment.

“Unfortunately, over the last 6 months we have seen the Rockford Diocese block the positive direction our school was heading.  Many important questions are now being asked and the Rockford Diocese is not responding with clear and/or accurate answers.  WeAreMC.net was developed to provide the Marian community with an accurate historic account of the challenges facing the school and tell the story of how our community came together over these last 2 years to help get Marian on a positive path.”