Who We Are

Friends and Family of Marian is a community of parents, teachers, staff, 6,500 alumni, benefactors, and members from 17 parishes within the McHenry deanery who share a common cause: maintain the tradition, nurture a family like culture, and support a constructive and collaborative approach from the Rockford Diocese to making Marian Central a Catholic-centric school that is both affordable and a better alternative to public education.
Marian’s teachers, coaches, and staff have a passion for helping young men and women grow in their faith, enrich their education, and develop their leadership skills. Our parents and families invest themselves in the school. For over 50 years the Diocese has supported the subsidiarity of the school and its tradition of empowering these 17 parishes to lead and support the school, which has helped make Marian become one of the top 50 parochial high schools in the nation.
We have seen much success over the years because of that local leadership and family environment. Our graduates are strong in their faith, leaders in their communities, and are model Christians that give strong witness to their faith through their love of the church, family and country. Over 98% of our graduates enter institutions of higher learning and achieve the highest testing on ACTs among all high schools in McHenry County. The 2018 graduating class received over $30 million in college and continuing education grants. Our students actively participate in volunteer work, attend faith-based retreats and mission trips, and our athletic teams compete with other schools up to 3-to-5 times our enrollment.
If you are tired of the distraction and destructive interference from administrators within the Rockford Diocese and believe in the subsidiarity and tradition of how Marian has been supported by its community, please join our effort by adding your name to our website and promoting others to do the same. 
Together we can make a difference in helping restore trust
and support for Marian Central Catholic High School!

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